SPIE Photonics Europe

Please join us at booth #122

This biennial event provides a place to share and discuss current research, hear the latest breakthroughs, and connect with colleagues.The list of conference topics for 2024

List of Toppics 2024:

  • Metamaterials
  • Nanophotonics
  • Advances in Ultrafast Condensed Phase Physics
  • Quantum Technologies
  • Terahertz Photonics
  • 3D Printed Optics and Additive Photonic Manufacturing
  • Unconventional Optical Imaging
  • Optics and Photonics for Advanced Dimensional Metrology
  • Optics, Photonics and Digital Technologies for Imaging Applications
  • Optical Sensing and Detection
  • Real-time Processing of Image, Depth and Video Information
  • Specialty Optical Fibres
  • Semiconductor Lasers and Laser Dynamics
  • Fiber Lasers and Glass Photonics: Materials through Applications
  • Nonlinear Optics and its Applications
  • Lasers and Photonics for Advanced Manufacturing
  • Biomedical Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Imaging
  • Neurophotonics
  • Biophotonics in Point-of-Care
  • Clinical Biophotonics
  • Tissue Optics and Photonics
  • Data Science for Photonics and Biophotonics
  • Integrated Photonics Platforms
  • Organic Electronics and Photonics: Fundamentals and Devices
  • Photonics for Solar Energy Systems
  • Photosensitive Materials and their Applications
  • Liquid Crystals Optics and Photonic Devices
  • Machine Learning in Photonics
  • Mesophotonics: Physics and Systems at Mesoscale
  • Women in Renewable Energy II (WiRE)