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Vistec Electron Beam is proud to be a SEMI member and a member of the global microelectronics supply chain since 1981.

As SEMI member we are an established and significant player in the industry, sharing many of the attributes of SEMI such as global scope, advanced technology, connected to the leading firms, and supportive of the critical collaborations that support industry progress.

Vistec as SEMI member is among the key technology, material and service providers in the world.

Silicon Saxony

Silicon Saxony is one of Europe’s most successful association for the semiconductor, electronic, software, photovoltaic and microsystems industry. Established in 2000 as an initiative of 20 partners in Dresden, it now links more than 350 commercial enterprises, research institutes, universities and colleges.

OptoNet e.V.

OptoNet e.V. coordinates the interests of the about 100 players of the Thuringian Optics Cluster.

This group supports networking and stimulates cooperation to enable the further development of optical technologies within the region, the improvement of competitiveness as well as the enhancement of the national and international awareness of the cluster.

OptoNet provides services for its members, creates a common platform for communication and cooperation and is very much active in fields of location marketing and junior staff promotion.

eBeam Initiative

Under this initiative a group of about 50 electronics industry leaders are collaborating in a forum dedicated to education and the promotion of an innovative, new design-to-manufacturing approach, known as design for ebeam (DFEB).

The eBeam Initiative aims to increase wafer starts and reduce time-to-market in the semiconductor industry.

Nano in Germany

The initiative "Nano in Germany" provides through joint action a long term and permanent way for all actors to be visible and increases public acceptance of nanotechnology as a technology to add value and benefit of mankind. National and international companies, organizations, associations and research facilities use the INITIATIVE "Nano in Germany" as a common staple on the market.