Vistec provides ITME in Warsaw with a high-performance electron-beam lithography system

Vistec Electron Beam GmbH, a leading supplier of electron-beam lithography systems, announced that the noted Institute of Electronic Materials Technology (ITME) in Warsaw purchased a Variable Shaped Beam system SB251 from Vistec. The advanced lithography tool will be used for research and manufacturing of various kinds of micro-optical and diffractive elements, new materials as well as masks for optical lithography.

As a leading research institute in Poland, ITME is working in the multidisciplinary area of research, development and manufacturing of materials, innovative devices and components for application in electronics, micromechanics and optoelectronics. "We selected Vistec's electron-beam writer to support our research, development and manufacturing efforts due to its high performance and flexibility. We anticipate that the new Vistec SB251 will significantly contribute to successfully meet our research and development agenda.", said Dr. Zygmunt Luczynski, director of ITME.  The decision was made as a result of a European tendering procedure. 

The Vistec SB251 is a universal system, which has been designed for both direct write as well as mask making exposures.  The system is capable of handling and exposing transparent & non-transparent materials, which are in use in semiconductor and optics applications. Equipped with a 50kV electron optics, an address grid of 1nm and an exposure platform with a stage travel range of 210mm x 210mm the system enables lithography below 50nm on various substrates from pieces up to 200mm wafers and 7inch masks. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) and fully automated cassette-to-cassette substrate handling allow the effective usage in a diverse, multiuser environment at Institutes like ITME. Furthermore the system features the data preparation software package ePLACE (provided by EQUIcon GmbH).

"With the Vistec SB251 our long term partner ITME receives an advanced electron-beam lithography system. Due to its high flexibility and reliability the SB251 is perfectly tailored to the diversified applications ITME is facing now and will be challenged with in the future.", comments Wolfgang Dorl, General manager of Vistec Electron Beam. "We are very pleased that ITME placed the order with Vistec, which further continues our successful collaboration started more than 20 years ago."