We stay hopeful and working through the pandemic!

Even through the difficult circumstances during the ongoing corona pandemic, we achieved and fulfilled all our business obligations. As new as the COVID-19 pandemic situation is the way to work.

Some jobs simply cannot be done at home or online, especially service duties and the installation of new tools. We made all reasonable efforts to install and sign-off systems in Asia/Pacific & North America. This could only happen due to the personal engagement of the whole Vistec team. Beyond this, getting in contact to our potential customers, our customers and our partners became challenging. We are very proud being able to continue with all these operations at the same level of reliability and engagement. The COVID-19 pandemic is, among other things, a massive experiment in telecommuting. Remote work is part of our solution; we rely on telecommunication and online meetings. Still Vistec operates on a normal, slightly reduced level, our offices were extended do to COVID requirements.

We are staying hopeful that we get through this together.

If you are interested in continuing or refreshing our dialogue, we would like to encourage you to get back to us! You can reach us directly under the known email or phone contacts. We wish all our colleagues, customers and partners to stay safe and healthy!