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Variable Shaped Beam systems with
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Dedicated Data Preparation

Vistec Electron Beam offers a dedicated data preparation package, which is perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of its Variable Shaped Beam systems. Customized high performance computing hardware, combined with Vistec’s innovative software programs ePLACE and PROXECCO, enable fitted fracturing and correction algorithms for fast and accurate data processing in both advanced research as well as industrial applications.


Data Prep Flow-Chart


ePLACE is a powerful and comprehensive software product for pattern data processing and optimization which has been specifically adapted to Vistec’s Variable Shaped Beam systems. The name ePLACE stands for e-beam direct write and mask data Preparation LAyout ConsolE.


Proximity Effect Correction Solution


The PROXECCO software package offers leading edge proximity effect correction for electron beam lithography. Its performance is proven in advanced research as well as industrial manufacturing environments.

High standards of pattern fidelity and reliability require accurate Proximity Effect Correction and preceise process adaption.

PROXECCO can utilize an N-Gaussian analytical function or a pointwise function to describe the PSF. The PSF parameters can be quantified using Monte Carlo simulations or experimental data which may account for process related effects also. It also supports process related corrections (LES) and contrast enhancement (GIDC) as well as shot and write time optimized fracture strategies.  PROXECCO provides a consistent interface for the integration into data preparation software packages for electron beam lithography.


  • Line End Shortening correction (LES)
  • Geometrical Induced Dose Correction (GIDC)
  • Application support

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Currently integrated in data preparation packages ePLACE™ (supported by EQUIcon Software GmbH) and CATS™ (licensed by Synopsys Inc.). 
PROXECCO™ and ePLACE™ are registered trademarks of Vistec Electron Beam GmbH.