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Variable Shaped Beam systems with
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Vistec SB254



The Vistec SB254 electron beam lithography system has been designed as a universal and cost-effective tool for both direct write and mask making applications to allow the customers to react quickly to market demands.

With its 210 x 210mm stage travel range it is the ideal tool for exposing masks up to 7 inch and wafers up to 200 mm diameter.


The concept of the SB254 enables handling and exposure of transparent and non-transparent compound semiconductor materials. The modular system architecture allows your SB254 to be easily upgraded to a higher tool performance.

The small cleanroom footprint and the fully automated substrate handling as well as the state of the art operating and data preparation software will convince you of the excellence of the SB254 being part of the modular toolset Vistec is offering to its customers from the industry and applied research sector.

The field-proven VSB (Variable Shaped Beam), "Write-on-the-fly" and Vector Scan writing modes as well as the 50keV shaped-beam column are further highlights of the SB254.

Key Features

To meet the specific requirements of our customers the following features are optionally available:

  • Various substrate sizes and types supported by fully automated substrate handling incl. substrate pre-alignment
  • Multipass writing
  • MDSP (Mark Detection Software Package) incl. image field metric
  • Layout data preparation station covering up to 256 CPU cores for:
    • fracturing
    • plus additional Proximity Effect Correction (PROXECCO) and fogging correction options
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) compliant to SEMI E95

The Vistec SB254 This electron-beam writer represents the evolutionary development of the successful and field-proven Vistec SB250 series. The Vistec SB254 with cell projection option for combined use with VSB principle enables further throughput improvement and a resolution below 20nm (HSQ).