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Variable Shaped Beam systems with
high throughput and excellent performance

Vistec SB3050-2


The Vistec SB3050-2 with a Cell Projection option is our commitment to semiconductor manufacturing professionals. Designed to meet the challenges of direct patterning down to the 32nm technology node, it features Variable Shape Beam (VSB) technology with vector scan and continuously moving stage principles for throughput optimization.

Our industry proven 300mm design concept has been successfully utilized in more than 10 installations worldwide.

The Vistec SB3050-2 combines state of the art substrate handling with a high-precision stage system and a sophisticated electron-optical 50 keV column specifically developed to ensure excellent resolution performance.

Thanks to the production-compatible Graphical User Interface (GUI) the Vistec SB3050-2 can be easily integrated into automated production environments (CIM). Being capable of exposing both masks (including templates) and wafers, the SB3050-2 exposure tools are the ideal bridge to next generation technology nodes.

Key Features

  • 50keV high-resolution electron optics with 1nm writing/address grid
  • 310x310mm stage travel range to ensure full 300mm wafer exposure capability
  • High throughput achieved by the "write-on-the-fly" principle combined with Flexible Stage Speed (FSS)
  • State of the art fully automatic substrate handling with mini environment to satisfy the requirements
    of most advanced resist technologies
  • Wafer Mix & Match with optical lithography supported by production compatible correction methods
  • Integrated monitoring software for all critical process parameters
  • High speed data processing allows fast data generation including flexible Proximity Effect Correction with distributed computing
  • Small clean room footprint < 27m² (SB3050)
  • SB3055 with Cell Projection option for combined use with VSB principle for further throughput improvement