We understand
Variable Shaped Beam systems with
high throughput and excellent performance


Vistec Electron Beam provides electron-beam lithography systems, based on the so called Variable Shaped Beam principle. In a Variable Shaped Beam system the electron beam is formed to variable “electron beam shots”, as rectangles, triangles and slants, by shaping apertures. The shape size can be varied in steps of 1 nm. The maximum shape size depends on the electron-optical column configuration. Position deflection and blanking systems allow accurate shape positioning and exposure on the substrate. The pattern to be exposed is fractured in such a way, which guarantees best pattern fidelity.

In case of high repetitive patterns “Cell Projection” is an option. In addition to the standard shapes more complex characters are used to shape the electron beam, which further improves the throughput.

Both Variable Shaped Beam functionality, as well as the “Write on the fly” stage moving strategy are essential factors to achieve high throughput, especially in comparison to the Gaussian Beam lithography systems. For these reasons Variable Shaped Beam (VSB) technology is well established in decades of industrial application and advanced research and is a proven and matured technology these days.